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Amber and Radna have years of experience in training and competing horses up to Small tour level. They are very passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise with riders all over the world.

To boost your riding skills, explore new ways to improve your seat, riding aids, or balance: that is what Dressage For You training and coaching stands for. Whether you are on the verge of showing for the first time, or just would like to learn to ride better – individuals and groups of riders of all nationalities, any skill level and any age are welcome to be trained. No matter the current level of skills and expertise, whether you are a beginner or training for the next Pan American or Asian Games, the dressage training programs are designed to improve on all fronts. Clinics can be given at your barn or a local training facility. 


Dressage For You provides training and lessons for every level, from amateur to the Grand Prix riders. All motivated riders are welcome!

Amber den Heyer

Amber has been succesfully competing at Small tour level with several horses. She has won multiple national and international titels and became European Champion KFPS 2019 with the stallion Kop Jansen Johnny Cash. She worked as rider and trainer at Joop van Uytert and Ted Kop Jansen Horses, and trains riders all over the world up to Grand Prix level. She is specialized and experienced in Friesian and Warmblood horses. 

 Amber enjoys to share her passion, vision and experiences as a coach and trainer.


Radna Jannink

Radna is a small tour dressage rider and trainer from The Netherlands and the owner of Sport Horses Holland. By selling Dutch sporthorses all over the world, Radna has been traveling to help customers train their acquired Dutch horses. 

She experienced a huge demand for knowledge and professional dressage training abroad and so we decided to share our knowledge and experience and offer international lessons and clinics all over the world. Radna is registered at the International Group for Equestrian Qualifications (IGEQ), which means that she is a recognized and qualified instructor in almost 40 countries and national member federations.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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